Top men's sex health expert wants to know...

"Guys: Are You Making These Deadly Mistakes When Trying To Bring Your Woman To Orgasm?"

If you're not pleasing your woman in bed... if you're not doing what it takes to satisfy her... then it's only a matter of time before she cheats on you!

On the page below, you'll learn the little-known techniques you can use to make your woman orgasm faster, more intensely, and more often...  to the point she wants to have sex all the time...

Dear Friend

Have YOU ever found yourself in these situations?...

Have you ever been with a woman and felt a little anxious or insecure about whether or not you'd be able to give her an orgasm... or last long enough to bring her to climax?

Have you ever wondered if your woman is disappointed with you because you're not giving her the same kind of pleasure she gives you?

Do you ever worry that maybe your woman will start to feel like sex with you just isn't worth it... because she's never really getting much from it in return? 

Do you ever worry that if you can't give her the pleasure she deserves in the bedroom... that she may just decide to cheat on you with another man?

If you've thought about any or all of those... believe me, you're not alone.

In this short article, I'm going to show you how you can make your woman orgasm fast and often... to the point where she wants to have sex with you ALL THE TIME.

Now, just one thing. If you're amazing in bed... you probably don't need to read any further. And if you can give your woman mind-blowing... toe curling, pillow-biting orgasms... you can click away.

But if you're not making your girl moan and groan with pleasure every time you hit the sack... then you're going to LOVE what I'm about to show you.

After you're finished reading this 5-minute letter... you'll know EXACTLY how to make your woman orgasm faster than you ever thought possible.

You'll also learn how your tongue can get her to climax fast, you'll find out which sex positions are best for nailing her G-Spot, and you'll learn how to turn your fingers into "tiny little love soldiers" that get her off and leave her numb with pleasure.

Are you ready? Ready to learn the knowledge you need to make your girl scream with ecstasy... over and over again?

Who I Am And Why I Can Improve Your Sex Life...

Now... you're probably wondering what gives ME the right to think I can turn you into a "lady killer" in the sack?

Here's why: My name is Lloyd Lester and I'm one of the top-selling authors on men's sexual health. 

I've spent the last 15+ years studying and researching with one goal in mind: improving guys (and gals) sex lives dramatically and quickly.

My programs have helped literally THOUSANDS of men enjoy better sex, more often. The "Ejaculation By Command", "Erection By Command", and "Orgasm By Command" are among the top selling programs anywhere online.

Ejaculation By Command Erection By Command Orgasm By Command

My articles and reports have also been widely featured, including on - one of digital frontier's leading resources on love and sexuality. With my expertise on sex matters, you know you’re in good hands.

"always tweaking and staying on top of things..."

"Lloyd, we love how you're always tweaking and staying on top of things. And you should know, our editor (the toughest critic on our team) loves your work! :-)"

Dan Baritchi
Founder & CEO, Dan & Jennifer Media

And if there's one thing I've learned over the last 15+ years of studying and researching men's sexual's how guys can have amazing sex, more often.

So would you like to learn the single best way you can enjoy more sex?

Ready for it? Here it goes... 

Please your woman, making sure she's erotically fulfiled FIRST!

Once you learn how to make your girl come, and do it more often... she'll want sex all the time 

In fact, want to know the biggest reason why women cheat on their partners? 

It's very simple...

It's Because You're Not Doing Anything for Her!

In other words... if you're not pleasing your woman... if she gets frustrated because of YOUR lack of bedroom skills...she's going to start looking for someone who CAN satisfy her needs. 

Chances are, she's going to cheat on you!

She doesn't WANT to. After all, women are NOT like guys when it comes to wanting multiple partners. 

With guys... it's about the variety. Even when we're with our woman... we're always looking and fantasizing about others.

Women are NOT like that. They prefer to be with one guy. So, she'll stay with you for a little while, especially if the relationship is new.

But over time, if you can't make her orgasm... she's going to get bored and lose interest. 

THAT'S when things get dangerous because she'll start looking outside the relationship for a guy who can please her and meet her needs.

On the other hand... if you can make her moan, shake and tremble... if you can make her toes curl and legs wobble while she's screaming your name... she's yours for good.

Start Performing like a World-Class Lover and
I Guarantee Your Woman Will Want Sex More Often...

Not to mention, she'll be up for trying more things in the bedroom... even things you never THOUGHT she'd do.

You see, women want sex as much as men. It's just human nature. 

Humans are genetically programmed to love sex so that we continue the species. Having great sex is a very important part of life.  

But a lot of guys unfortunately are selfish in the bedroom and basically just try to get off as quickly as possible... so they can then watch TV or go to sleep. 

And while many guys TALK a big game... they're pretty much clueless when it comes to really knowing how to make a woman orgasm.  There's no skill involved and no technique. 

That can really be frustrating for your girl. I mean, put yourself in her shoes. If your girl NEVER gave YOU an orgasm and continuously left you wanting more... would you enjoy that? 

Of course not. But here's the deal, bucko. It works both ways! 

If you suck in bed, if you can't get your woman off... you can be sure that she'll either dump you, cheat on you, or not want sex anymore. And either way... that's a recipe for disaster in a relationship. 

Look, if your sex life is miserable, YOU'RE miserable. Your relationship is miserable.

If you're bad in bed, it's almost certain that she'll cheat on you and probably even leave you for another guy who CAN give her what she needs. 

But there's one big issue: most men do NOT perform with any degree of skill.

Most Guys Are Pretty Darn CLUELESS
When It Comes To Knowing How To Get Their Women Off!

And if your woman never gets to orgasm when having sex, she'll start to get sexually frustrated.  How much sex would you want if you never even had an orgasm? 

Look, if you could be a fly on the wall and listen to other women talk... this is a LARGE part of their conversations: sex and their men! 

They share stories with each other and tell each other how they've dumped guys who were "chumps" in the bedroom. 

And the flipside is... if you can make her regularly scream out in sheer pleasure, if you can make her come often and come fast, over and over again, she will BRAG about you to her friends! 

But here comes the big problem...

How Do You Know If You Suck In Bed?

How can you tell if you're pleasing her or if you're leaving her bored and frustrated? 

Well, honestly, you probably WON'T know unless you ask her. 

But that's the problem... your girl will NOT tell you that you're bad in bed, she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. She doesn't want to crush your pride or ego.  

Women know that guys have "fragile little egos" when it comes to bedroom performance. 

So your girl won't tell you... but she WILL complain to her girlfriend about how clueless you are in bed. She'll just continue to fake her enjoyment when you're going at it... but she will never, ever tell you and risk hurting your feelings.

And if the opportunity ever presents itself... she may start to wander from the relationship and find a man who can please her like WE ALL want to be pleased.

In fact, if you suck in bed, most women will just decide to find someone else... because it's just easier.

You Need To Make Her Feel Like No Other Man
Has EVER Made Her Feel Before!

Let's face it...I'm sure you've heard of women faking orgasms and faking that their enjoying sex? Hell, women "fake it" all the time. 

But here lies the problem. When women continue faking orgasms in bed... most guys will just think they're doing things right... so they'll never realize they need to change what they're doing!

I mean, think about it. If your woman never tells you that you suck in bed and she continues to fake it... how the hell are you supposed to know you're not any good?

Well, let me give it to you straight. If you're not sure you're pleasing your woman, if you're not sure if your girl is faking her orgasms, it's very possible that she's just lying there in bed, faking her enjoyment... while she's actually thinking of someone else!

That's right dude... if you're not skilled at bringing her to climax... there's a good chance she's wishing you were someone ELSE...someone who COULD give her an orgasm! 

The bottom line is... you owe it to yourself and your girl to be the one guy who CAN satisfy her. Don't just wait around and guess if you're good in the sack. Do something about it. 

If you enjoy having sex often, if you want to ensure that your girl never cheats on you...

Give Your Girl Mind-Blowing Orgasms Often!

If you're the first guy who can give her intense, mind-blowing orgasms... she'll want nothing to do with any other guy because no other man will compare.  

Hell, she won't even LOOK at another man. She'll want to be with you and only you.

I'm telling you... if you're able to give your woman the most powerful, intense orgasms she's ever had... she'll get addicted to having sex with ONLY you. 

She'll want sex more often AND she'll be the one who actually initiates it!

Better yet, she'll be open to trying new things in the bedroom. The more you please her... the more she wants to do things to please you. Even things she's never do before!

So the best way you can guarantee your woman will NEVER leave you for another man is to become the best lover she'll EVER have.


Ignite Her Orgasm:
How To Hotwire Her Pleasure Circuits &
Unleash Orgasms On Full Throttle!

Ignite Her Orgasm Program

The incredible secrets revealed in this powerful manual can make even the most respectable and reserved women beg you to please them again and again...because nobody else can satisfy them as fully and deeply as you!

Armed with these techniques, you'll be confident and secure in knowing you can give ANY woman those intense, body-shaking orgasms that will blow her mind. This guide will give you the sexual know-how you need to see an instant and dramatic improvement in your sex life.  

Initially, my goal for this manual was to focus on showing men how to help their wives or lovers - who had experienced several orgasms in the past - to easily climax, and even have stronger, more intense orgasms.

But, as I wrote this book, I decided to take it a step further and also show you how to make women, who had never had an orgasm before, experience their first one.

In a sense, the guy will be playing a teacher's role. He will show her things she doesn't even know exists. He will expand her reality of what's possible, and expand her capacity for pleasure and experience beyond what she's used to.

Bring Her To Orgasm Faster And More often,
Regardless Of Your Size, Stamina, Or Sexual Experience!

No matter if you're young, older, middle age, single, married, or divorced... no matter how long things have been stale...both you and your woman will enjoy the most intense and pleasurable orgasms you've ever experienced. 

Not only will you be able to bring her to explosive orgasms at will, you too will enjoy more intense ones. 

If you're serious about giving your woman intense, body shaking, uncontrollable orgasms... to the point where she's screaming and moaning... writhing in pleasure... Ignite Her Orgasm is the program you need.

As I mentioned before, I've been studying and researching men's sexual health for 15 years. If you learn and apply what I share with you... you'll start enjoying sex on an entirely new level because you'll feel confident of your new abilities in bed. 

No more performance anxiety... worried whether or not you'll get your woman to climax. 

You'll give your woman intense orgasm after orgasm and get her so worked up... she'll literally be hot for you and only you. Your woman will enjoy sex so much more, not only will she want it more often... but the thought of ever leaving you for another man will vanish.

In fact, once you're a stud in the bedroom... your entire relationship gets better. 

And when your sex life is good, guess what, your woman feels good too. She'll become more and more "open" with trying different things in bed too. Sex becomes more exciting.

Give Your Woman Multiple Intense, Powerful Orgasms...
And She'll Get Sexually Addicted To YOU

Whether she's already sexually-adventurous or a stick in the mud... she'll start doing kinky, naughty things in the bedroom because she wants to reciprocate and please YOU as much as you've pleased her.

Become the only man she has ever met who can take her to heights of mind-blowing pleasure... pleasure and satisfy her unlike anything she's ever experienced before... she'll want more sex, more often. 

She'll brag to her friends about you! You'll feel like a new man in bed the very next time you're with your woman. 

Even if you've been together for a while now, and the spark is all but gone... this program will instantly have you BOTH looking forward to bedroom time. 

I made this program because I wanted to teach guys the REAL secrets to giving your girl mind-blowing orgasms... again and again.

Here's a Small Sample Of What You'll Discover...

How to always give her the most amazing, mind-blowing orgasms she's ever had - every time you're with her... and even when you're miles away! (This one will blow your mind!)

How to re-ignite her passion, excitement... even her physical attraction and desire for you... no matter how long you've been together!

How to 're-charge' and fully awaken her body so that she can enjoy more powerful orgasms, more frequently, and more easily! (No other man could ever do this for her!)

How to use my "forbidden" secret technique to have her trembling with exquisite pleasure whenever you want - almost instantly! (You don't even have to be there physically to cause this pleasure in her!)

Secrets about a woman's orgasm that most women don't even know about. (I know it's hard to believe, but this is absolutely real...and many women are calling this stuff "life-changing"...)

How to create dizzying new levels of rippling orgasms in her by finding, and correctly stimulating her G-spot. (This one is so elusive that many women can't reach nor find it for themselves. Imagine being the man who can not only show her where it is, but also give her powerful "whole body" orgasms like she's never experienced - nor imagined - before!)

How to become an expert at what women consider to be the most important process of all: how to get her completely relaxed - physically and mentally! (Most women cannot have an orgasm - even during private masturbation, if they are not relaxed and comfortable. I reveal easy yet powerful techniques to get her there...and then, to those big explosions she has always been craving!)

The little-known (yet simple) secret about her physiology that can open up the floodgates of pleasure! (This is another biggie that most women don't even understand themselves... and you can once again help her to experience her full orgasmic potential, the way she was truly meant to!)

How to use only your words to make her incredibly horny for you...much more than any man can do by touching her! (Women are more eager and ready for sex than men will ever know. But their idea of what's "hot" is very different from men. And, you'll be one of the few men who knows how to get her hot - fast.)

Why the "Mind Candy" approach is the absolute easiest way to turn her on and get her closer to an earth-shattering orgasm (when you hear this you're going to be EXCITED... because you'll know how to make her see you as someone very unique and special... unlike any other men she's met before)

How to create an "Arousal Anchor" to lock-in her orgasmic experience for an instant replay the next time you have sex with her (this one is PURE GENIUS... and you'll want to use it in every lovemaking session from now on)

The "Twin Delight" Technique Enhancer that will skyrocket her ability to have an orgasm (this is so POWERFUL it will breathe new life into your relationship... even if you've been with her for 5, 10, 15 or more years)

And that's just a partial list of the secrets you'll discover...

Use these Techniques On Her And You'll See
Exciting Changes In Your Sex Life, Literally Overnight:

You immediately go from being unsure IF you can give her an orgasm... to determining how many times you want to get her off.

She'll even begin to initiate sex with you - even literally begging for it. You'll know with total certainty that you're better than any other man she's had before.

She'll tell you again and again... as her BODY is shaking and she's screaming in total ecstasy. You'll have an air of confidence that all women will notice. Women you just meet will be almost INSTANTLY attracted to you because of the way you carry yourself.

Her friends will treat you with respect. They'll even look at you differently... because when a woman finds a guy who rocks her world she WILL tell her friends and brag about you.

Now, I know it's all starting to sound a little "too good to be true". But after 15 years of being a men's sexual health expert... I've received a ton of success stories to prove this program will make you an "otherworldly" lover.

What Readers Are Saying...

Email from a reader of
Reader feedback

"You may have helped save my marriage..."

"Lloyd, I see you use a lot of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) and other technologies that Tony Robbins teaches. Tony learned much of what he teaches from guys like Richard Bandler and John Grinder the NLP Masters.

Anyway I really enjoy your work, you present it professionally and where it is easy to understand and apply.

You may have helped save my marriage so let me say I appreciate you and I thank you. In the Spirit of Gratitude."

~ David R., North Carolina

"The stuff that I purchased from you works really well!"

"The stuff that I purchased from you works really well! I tried a couple of techniques from the "Ejaculation By Command" and of the "Orgasm By Command" and they actually work! Even the small details you go into, like how to kiss and touch a woman's hand was EXACTLY what you said!

Of course there are some things in there that are a little too advanced for me at the moment, but there are also some basic stuff that work amazing!

I will try out some of the advanced techniques in the future after I'm able to do all the other basic stuff that can pleasure a woman. Thanks man!"

~ Aleks I., Netherlands

"she enjoyed more than what we've been doing before..."

"I wish to say thank you very much for all that i have learned from you. When i applied your tips, i got a feedback from my girlfriend that she is not sure if i am the real me, because what has happened to her today has never happened to her before, that she enjoyed more than what we have been doing before.

Thank you once again and continue to give me more techniques - they are working."

~ Beny O., Australia

"helped make my marriage happier..."

"Dear Lloyd, thank you for sharing your sex tips. They have really helped me to make my marriage happier. The different styles and positions you shared have helped me and her to reach an orgasm easily."

~ Marco M., Tanzania

"I've seen my wife more excited about sex..."

"Lloyd, thanks for all the tips. They are working. I've seen my wife more excited about sex than she's been in years."

~ Ron L., New York

"I've fallen in love with your mini courses..."

"Lloyd, keep it up! I've fallen in love with your mini courses. The very day I started getting such information, I went on to practice some of your tips with my partner and I can tell you, it has been so wonderful."

~ Newman M.

"my girl does not want to leave the bed..."

"I appreciate your teachings so much on sex and orgasm. Since then my girl does not want to leave the bed. We enjoy each other now more than ever before. Thanks for the excellent tips and techniques."

~ W. Otini

Yes Lloyd, I want to unlock your powerful techniques for
making any woman explode with orgasmic pleasure!

What Other Experts Are Saying...

"Lloyd is one of my colleagues that I never hesitate to recommend..."

"Lloyd Lester is one of my colleagues that I never hesitate to recommend - first because his approach to great sex is grounded in an entirely different philosophy from mine, so it’s a great complement to the things that I teach - and second because his stuff works… and in the end, I think that’s what really matters to the couples that read my newsletter!"

Alex Allman
Author, speaker, and creator of the Revolutionary Sex programs for helping men, women, and couples have great sex, as well as "The Allman Report" e-newsletter on sex and relationship ideas, issues, and techniques

Alex Allman speaking at TEDx SinCity

"Lloyd comes up with moves I've never seen anywhere else..."

"Wanna get REALLY good in bed? Add Lloyd’s HOT techniques to your arsenal of bedroom moves. He comes up with moves I’ve never seen anywhere else. Lloyd has a treasure chest of pleasure techniques. He's a trusted sex advisor. And we’ve been friends and compatriots going on for a decade. Two thumps up... and eight fingers too. <giggle>"

Susan Bratton
Trusted Hot Sex Advisor, Television Celebrity, CEO of Personal Life Media, Inc. and creator of Revive Her Drive, The Passion Patch and Relationship Magic.

"Apply his techniques and you'll be the kind of man any woman would love to go to bed with..."

The sad reality is that most 'sex experts' haven't got a clue.

Fortunately, in a sea of mostly 'fake experts' there are a few great teachers who truly 'get it.' Teachers who know how to totally satisfy women and, just as importantly, know how to help other guys do the same.

Lloyd Lester is one of those men. Read his programs, apply the information and techniques and you'll be the kind of man any woman would love to go to bed with.

Adam Armstrong
Master Sex Coach

"wonderful guy who is honest and has a lot of integrity..."

"Lloyd is one of the few "experts" I actually endorse because not only are his products exceptional, he's a wonderful guy who is honest and has a lot of integrity."

Michael Webb
Leading Relationship Expert & Author

"honestly admire Lloyd's dedication and professionalism..."

"I honestly admire Lloyd Lester's dedication and professionalism when it comes to sexual education and advice. His books and programs always include TOP quality tips and techniques that help couples take their sex lives to the next level!"

Gabrielle Moore
Best-Selling Author & Trusted Sexual Advisor

"Lloyd really knows his stuff..."

"Lloyd is someone I always enjoy collaborating with, not only because he really knows his stuff, but he's just an all around cool guy."

Jason Julius
Sex and Relationship Expert

Yes Lloyd, I want to unlock your powerful techniques for
making any woman explode with orgasmic pleasure!

What Makes This Program Different From Others?

Well, first off... I've spent the last 15 years of my life helping other guys (and their women) to enjoy better sex, more often.

I've also invested thousands of dollars to test, research, and refine my methods. There's no "practice" or "studying" required... you'll be able to use the techniques that same night to drive your woman wild!  

My programs have literally helped thousands and thousands of guys enjoy better and more active sex lives. So you can be sure this program wasn't written by some "fly by night" company or some dude in his basement who hasn't been with a girl in 2 years.

This is all I've been doing for the last 15 years... it's all I study and read about... and it's what I'll continue to do for the next 30 years!

How Much Is This Program Going To Cost?

Well, that's a smart question to ask... and I'm going to make you a promise - this is not going to cost you anything like what you're thinking...

I'll get to that in just a moment, but first let me ask you this...

  • How much is it worth to you to have incredible sex and finally give your woman the  pleasure you know she deserves?

  • How much is it worth to you to become knowledgeable, creative, confident and secure in knowing that you can completely satisfy women in a way no other lover possibly can?

  • What price would you put on enjoying the wild, passionate, sizzling sex life you once had in your relationship?

Or let me put it into perspective for you...

Imagine your lover trembling with exquisite pleasure and utter sexual satisfaction, unable to even get up and walk immediately after experiencing a "whole body" orgasm... 

Imagine her not only being far more satisfied with sex with YOU, she won't be able to keep her hands, body or MIND off of you thereafter...

That's pretty valuable isn't it, if you think about it?

So seriously, if you had to put a price on having that kind of skills and knowledge - to be able to take a woman to heights of ecstasy like she's never experienced before - how much would it be worth to you?

$500? $1,000?

Let's be honest... if you were like most guys I know, you'd probably pay way more than that to give her the BEST sex ever, right?

After all, you can't put a price on sexual intimacy with the woman you love, can you? It's probably wrong to even try.

And that's why I worked hard to make this a no-brainer deal for YOU... so move fast, and order right now, and you'll get INSTANT access to the complete package for only $197 $97

And the reason I've kept the price so affordable is to enable as many men (and their women too!) to benefit from it as possible.

Yes Lloyd, I want to unlock your powerful techniques for
making any woman explode with orgasmic pleasure!

Order Now And Get These 5 Bonuses FREE!

Since I know it's in your best interests to try out my program, and I know how much your woman is gonna LOVE this stuff... I want to offer you a bit more incentive to make the investment in yourself.

When you order TODAY, I'll throw in FIVE fast-action bonuses to help you get the most out of this program... and to take your sex life to such enjoyable levels... you both won't be able to wait to leave work, get home, and rip each other's clothes off!

So here's what you will also get when you act fast and order TODAY...

Fast-Action Bonus #1:

Exclusive Audio Edition (FREE! $67 Value)

Exclusive Audio EditionHopefully you're starting to "get this". Now, in addition to the core Ignite Her Orgasm manual, you also get an audio MP3 recording of the ENTIRE manual, so that you can take the information wherever you go and listen to it anytime you like, at your own pace...

It's like hiring me as your personal coach, where I speak directly to you about the powerful tips, techniques and secrets that will give your woman red-hot, explosive orgasms!

On its own, this is a very powerful module. But when you combine both written and auditory learning styles into one holistic system, you get an unparalleled training system that puts your transformation on overdrive!

Yes Lloyd I have read enough! Please teach me your powerful techniques for making any woman explode with orgasmic pleasure!

Fast-Action Bonus #2:

"Special 1-on-1 Access For 90 Days" (FREE! $97 Value)

Special 1-on-1 AccessThe program is very easy to follow and you probably won't need any help with it. But if by chance you do... you'll get unlimited, special access to my private email address for any questions you may have.

It will be my personal responsibility to see that your problems are solved.

No jumping through hoops with "support tickets"... I'll give you direct, 1-on-1 access to me with same-day response. You can rest assured I won't brush you off or give you lazy, one-line answers...

And because of the demand on my time, there's obviously a limit to the number of emails I can answer a day. I can't be your pen pal who writes back and forth several times a day. But I assure you, if you need help, I'll be there for you.

As much as I want to help every guy that comes to me, in reality I can only offer this special 1-on-1 email access to a limited number, so go ahead and join today!

Yes Lloyd I have read enough! Please teach me your powerful techniques for making any woman explode with orgasmic pleasure!

Fast-Action Bonus #3:

"Turbo Charged! Dirty Little Secrets To Explosive Sex That Lasts Longer" (FREE! $47 Value)

Turbo Charged!There's nothing a man enjoys more than knowing he can last long enough to satisfy his woman in bed. But for many guys, sex is often a short-lived, embarrassing affair that ends soon after it starts. 

If this is happening in your sex life, let me show you how to develop the NATURAL ability to enjoy sex that truly LASTS, without the pain and embarrassment of premature ejaculation...

Inside you'll discover...

  • A sex position that will skyrocket your staying power and INSTANTLY get a woman aroused to the point where she's erotically filled with pleasure!

  • Why thinking about lasting longer can actually backfire on you. Many guys screw this up and THINK themselves into coming too soon. Instead, do this one simple thing and you'll never climax too soon again.

  • Exactly what to do when you come too soon (Most guys just quit and give up... but I'll show you how to turn a negative experience into one she'll LOVE!)

  • A powerful "pause button" that instantly FREEZES your orgasm and keeps you hard (Use this trick to quickly short circuit your ejaculatory response... it'll knock you so far down on the pleasure scale you couldn't blow for a few more minutes... even if you WANTED TO!)

  • The "Pleasure Familiarity" technique to condition your mind and body so that you AUTOMATICALLY last 5, 10, or even 15 minutes longer (this is one of the stamina "secrets" that TOP porn actors use ALL THE TIME!)

... And MUCH More, absolutely FREE!

In addition to this special report, I've also made everything downloadable in audio format, so it's easy to listen along!

And as you use just a few of the techniques... you'll feel confident knowing you won't come too soon and let your woman down again.

Best of all, you won't have that fear, anxiety and frustration of finishing early... you won't be self-conscious and worried every time you get ready to have sex! Instead, you'll have full confidence knowing you can give a woman an experience she'll NEVER forget...

Yes Lloyd I have read enough! Please teach me your powerful techniques for making any woman explode with orgasmic pleasure!

Fast-Action Bonus #4:

"Stallion In Heat! Secrets To Throbbing Hard, Sensational Erections Of Steel" ($47 Value)

Stallion In Heat!Getting it UP and staying UP is nearly every guy's eternal quest. The inability to get hard and stay hard during sex can quickly become a pride-crushing, relationship-destroying issue for both partners.

While the avalanche of cures for erection problems being peddled in late night TV shows and on the back of sleazy magazine promise a quick, instant cure - most of them are costly, unreliable or even downright dangerous.

The truth is, most guys I know want a natural, reliable and permanent way to rise to the challenge. And this is what this special report and audio recording are all about. 

Inside you'll discover...

  • How to use one simple, power food to send your ability to "rise to the occasion" into white-hot overdrive!

  • A dead-simple "love muscle" exercise that triples the strength of a man's erections (CAUTION: you'll also experience "rocket-burst" orgasms... giving you (and her) sensational pleasure almost beyond belief!)

  • Why your mind (and thoughts) are hampering your sexual performance, and how to easily fix the problem in 10 minutes flat! (This stuff will really get you revving like a hot rod that doesn't quit!)

  • The one simple thing you can do TODAY to help your body pump more blood to your penis so you can get harder, stronger and more powerful erections!

  • How chocolate can easily help you to get "ready for action" - anytime you want (But, you must eat the right kind, and in the right amount...all revealed inside this report!)

And more! This is a proven resource for guys who want to get hard and stay hard in a completely safe and reliable manner. No costly and dangerous pills... or never having to worry about any crazy side effects, embarrassing moments or 'explanations' to give anyone about why you can't perform.

This bonus is FREE when you download your copy of "Ignite Her Orgasm" today... Remember - This bonus comes in the form of a special report AND an audio recording, so you can listen to it on the go if you want to!

Yes Lloyd I have read enough! Please teach me your advanced techniques for giving my lover insanely powerful orgasms... on command!

Fast Action Bonus #5

"Sexual Confidence Escalator:
Skyrocket Your Inner-Game In The Bedroom"
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Let's face it... many performance problems in the bedroom stem from a lack of sexual confidence. For most men, it's an "inner game" issue rather than a "techniques" problem.

Simply put... the best sex tips, tricks and techniques count for NOTHING if you're not self-assured and self-confident in the bedroom (in fact, most women want a man who can show masculine strength and exude sexual confidence!).

And this is where my exclusive Sexual Confidence Escalator comes in:

  • Comprising four modules in high-quality audio MP3 format, this scientifically-proven technology effortlessly re-programs your mind to completely CRUSH any sexual anxiety and nervousness... and infuse you with EXPANSIVE ENERGY and INCREDIBLE CONFIDENCE.

  • Like a secret "switch" that shifts your brain patterns into high gear, this program synchronizes your brain's natural rhythms... so that you quickly and easily achieve peak, powerful, optimized performance. All you need to do is to listen to these tracks to condition your mind for sexual transformation... on autopilot!

  • You'll be shocked by how easily you can turn your sex life around, just by listening and creating POSITIVE INNER VIBES on DEMAND! Talk about taking your relationship and your confidence to a whole new level!

These audio tracks are accompanied by a complete set of guide sheets that reveal step-by-step on how you can use them along with the Orgasm By Command system to skyrocket your sex life - fast.

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Deep Impact Pleasure Sequence:
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Ignite Her Orgasm System

Sexual Confidence Escalator

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Even up to this point, you may have some doubt whether this program can live up to my claims. And I completely understand that. After all, you may not know me.

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Lloyd Lester
Lloyd Lester
Author & Creator, Ignite Her Orgasm

Ignite Her Orgasm System

Sexual Confidence Escalator

"Ignite Her Orgasm"
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YES I'm ready to learn the sex secrets that will bring my woman so much pleasure, she'll want sex more often... to the point where she's addicted to having sex with me.

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  • Stallion In Heat! Secrets To Throbbing Hard, Sensational Erections Of Steel (report + audio, $47)
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Click Here To Download Now - Instant Access!

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Special Price: $97 Only
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Click Here To Download Now - Instant Access!

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Ignite Her Orgasm System

Sexual Confidence Escalator

When You Order TODAY, You'll Also Receive These 2 BRAND NEW Sex Position Bonuses Valued At $97... Yours FREE!
Venus Pleasure Sequence Deep Impact Pleasure Sequence

"Claim Your Copy Now"
Special Price: $97 Only
Click Here To Download Now - Instant Access!

Click Here To Download Now - Instant Access!

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